Homeless & Foster Care Support

Who do I contact?

Jessica Durrant

District Homeless & Foster Care Liaison


541-862-3111 x5276

Amber mersino

District Homeless & Foster Care Support


541-862-3111 x5207

family advocates at each school

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Who is considered homeless?

The McKinney Vento Act defines a "homeless children and youth" (school age and younger) as:

I need help. Where can I go?

Stop by the office of any school within Three Rivers School District. We have family advocates at each school whose job is to identify students in need of homeless assistance. Three Rivers offers resources to homeless students including the following: advocacy, school/clothing/hygiene supplies, food assistance, mentoring, access to healthcare, student fee assistance, sports fee waivers, and referral services for case management and shelter/housing options. If we can't provide what your student needs, we can refer you to a local community service that may be able to help.