Standards and Assessments


Assessments provide educators with the information they need to make essential instructional decisions. In the same way that a scientist may collect and analyze water samples to determine the quality of our streams and lakes, teachers and administrators use state tests, performance assessments, and other forms of assessments to measure how well students are learning and determine how best to support them moving forward.

A balanced assessment system employs a variety of measures and types of assessment to provide the most useful information to students, parents, teachers, administrators, legislators, and the public.

  • Formative assessment provides immediate usable feedback on student learning. Click Here for a video that explains this process.

  • Interim (or benchmark) assessments serve as “checkpoints” for longer-term student progress.

  • Summative assessments allow a look back at the entirety of the instructional period. They provide valuable information for planning the next instructional year and beyond.

Useful Links

CLICK HERE for a chart that shows the achievement standards for Oregon’s Statewide Assessments by content area and grade/benchmark level.

CLICK HERE to learn how to access your child's assessment results in ParentVue

For more detailed information go to the Oregon Department of Education's Assessment website.

The Nine Essential Skills

The Nine Essential Skills are cross-disciplinary skills that students should be developing across grades K- 12.

For students first enrolled in Grade 9 in 2010-2011 or later, three of the Essential Skills are graduation requirements:

1. Read and comprehend a variety of text

2. Write clearly and accurately

3. Apply mathematics in a variety of settings