Cleaner Air for Safer Schools

TRSD improves air quality with UVCUE devices
Posted on 08/17/2022

What are Upper Room Germicidal Ultraviolet Devices? How do they help keep our students and staff safer from infectious particles? Click Here for an informational video and update on what TRSD has been accomplishing over the last year. 

We now have UVCUE in all cafeteria spaces, Lifeskills classrooms, Educational Resource Centers and K-2nd grade classrooms. 

From a comparison perspective, these devices provide the equivalent of 10 air-changes per hour in the rooms they are in versus 2 or 3 with typical HVAC (sometimes less).

This is just one of the improvements to our schools made with Emergency Relief Funding. If you have questions please feel free to reach out to us

UVCUE system graphic