Covid-19 managment plans

22-23 School-level covid-19 management plans


Answers to your most common school year questions. If you have a question, feel free to email it to and let us find you the best answer.

Can I register my child for either on-site OR distance learning?

YES! Registration is open now and families may indicate on the registration form the desired form of instruction they would like for their child to begin with this fall. CLICK HERE to visit the TRSD Online Registration page.

If I decide I want to send my kids back to school under the "Hybrid" model of half online and half at school, but then decide later that I want to put them in all online, will that be a possibility? We are working on the online structure trying to find the balance between flexibility and consistency. We will send out information to all TRSD parents when the details are finalized and in the meantime, please continue to check our website for updates.

Will there be smaller class sizes due to COVID protocols?

Based on the mandated physical distancing requirements outlined by the Oregon Department of Health and the Oregon Department of Education, class sizes will need to be reduced. Exact numbers will vary by school.

Is the Monday - Thursday school week still beginning in the fall?

Yes, Three Rivers School District will implement the new Monday through Thursday schedule for the 2020-2021 school year.

Who will be creating course work for 4th-12th distance learning at home curriculum?

Local, TRSD classroom teachers will be generating, presenting, and managing all course work. This includes instruction, assessment, and academic feedback.

Are school hours changing expected to change?

K-3 Onsite Instruction is currently scheduled to start (7:25am) and end (2:25pm) at previously announced times. However, changes to schedules could be possible in order to meet ODE/OHA requirements.

4-12 Distance Learning at Home is currently being developed by school administrators. Currently, the anticipated start time for distance learning will be later and enrollment will be with less courses.

Who makes the decisions when it comes changing established plans?

Up to this point, there has been a hierarchy to decision making when it comes to COVID-19 related changes for schools. State level agencies such as the OHA and ODE typically issue mandatory updates to local school districts with specific requirements for compliance. Local county agencies like the Josephine Co. Health Authority and the county commission may elect to make additional modification to school district plans. While individual school districts may take additional actions, their primary duty is to adhere to all requirements passed down from state and local authorities.

Do students have to commit to TVOS for the whole quarter or year or can they switch between on-site and TVOS?

No, students will be able to switch between models to suit their needs. It may take time to facilitate a switch between the two, but TRSD will work hard to accommodate a change.

Will MS/HS sports facilities be available at the beginning of the year (i.e. gyms, weight rooms, etc.)?

No. Once school begins in September, school facilities will be closed until ODE/OHA health metrics are met.

What are the class sizes for K-3 onsite learning?

Class sizes will be decided based on the physical space available in the school building. ODE guidance requires there be 35-square-feet of space per person. In following those guidances, most classrooms will be limited to 20 or fewer students.