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Volunteers are encouraged to lend a hand at school events. From Scholastic Book Fairs, coaching, Harvest Festivals, and from chaperoning dances to academic tutoring. There is plenty of help and fun to be had! In order to be a parent volunteer, you will need to fill out a volunteer application so a background check can be done. Parents do not have to pass a background check in order to visit their child at school or attend school functions. Volunteers must pass a background check when they are responsible for overseeing other parents’ children. The District strives to have the very best people caring for your children. Call your school’s office to inquire about scheduled events, trips, or opportunities for which you can volunteer.

Sometimes applications can be denied, view the TRSD Criminal Conviction Matrix in the link below.

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Fill out all the required information in the Volunteer Application and remember to hit “submit application”. It can take up to two weeks for your application to be approved so make sure you submit it in enough time. You will receive an email notification when it’s approved. 

For Volunteers that have completed the online Application: Volunteer Login Page

Criminal Conviction Matrix for Participation Acceptability

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Volunteer Flyer