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The annual Student Enrichment Grants for Teachers is here once again. The Josephine County Foundation is pleased to announce that a total of $20,000 will be awarded this October.


What is Student Enrichment?

The idea is to give teachers the opportunity to apply for funds that they see their students would benefit from and give a special opportunity to the teachers to get out of the traditional ways of learning in their classrooms.

Who knows what excites and motives students to stay in school more than students themselves? The Enrichment Program increases students’ interest in school by providing a wider array of education opportunities including: field trips, guest speakers, classroom supplies, and equipment for special projects such as music and vocational programs.

The Student Enrichment Program provides students with a broad exposure to areas that might spark a passion for learning or going into a particular field. The feedback has been incredible and only encourages JCF student members to keep serving our community!

This year's theme: "Reconnecting Students Back to the Classroom".
Due Date: September 30, 2021
Password: teachergrants

Also visit the new JCF website: JCFserves.org

Thank you and good luck!!



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