Certificate Information

Below are certificates that can be used to enable a trust relationship for https sites in a web browser.

To help those that can't access this page you can refer them to the following url: http://www.securly.com/ssl

Securly General Information: https://support.securly.com/hc/en-us/articles/360033872694-Instructions-for-installing-the-Securly-SSL-Certificate-Manually-and-Distributed

For device specific instructions look here:

Iphones and Ipads

Please make sure you are using the Safari Browser for installation.


Android Devices


Windows Devices

Download and install windows crt file from the following link:


Manually installing an SSL certificate on a Chromebook:


Download Securly.mobileconfig below.

After downloading click "Open" on the downloaded.

Press "Continue" at the first prompt.

Press "Install" at the next prompt.

That is all you should need to do.

When you go to a site the first time you may get a Securly login prompt. You should use your email address and district password to login.

You can also look here for manual installation instructions:


Securly CA Certificate All Formats


Firefox Certificate Installation